Website Monitor

Nothing looks less professional or can hurt a business more than a website being down or not working.

The Humans are Human Website Supervisor makes sure your site is up and working. And we don't just make sure your website is up. We check everything.
  • full sites
  • mobile sites
  • your site in different browsers
  • javascript (or jQuery) functionality
  • forms
  • buttons
  • dropdowns
  • cookies
  • images
  • and whatever else your website can throw at us
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What we do

If you can put it on the web, we can verify that it's working properly.

We track the data for you. We'll send you email or text message alerts if your site malfunctions or if it's just taking to long to load.

Stop losing business, stop turning away or turning off potential site users that could never return, and stop lowering your seach engine results when Google, Bing, and other search bots are attempting to crawl your site. Your website is your storefront display window to the world; make sure the shades aren't drawn.

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